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VOEVOE is a designer from England brand, the brand creative director Alan Willis Alasdhair Willis Hai is a graduate of Saint Martin's designer, design team members also include also graduated from the junior college Hall: Richard James Rechard James and Anderson J.W. Anderson. They are committed to creating a fashion pioneer brand VOEVOE, trying to create ENGLAND VOGUE (VOE OF ENGLAND) in the international fashion circle, VOE: VISION OF.

The men`s collection


Brand style: it's the son of light and darkness. Bright: aristocratic temperament, sexy, elegant, is the DANDY tide men's choice. Clothing using cashmere and lace fabrics (adhere to the use of high-quality fabrics of origin), using self-cultivation cut, to create minimalist style. The dark: designers use dark magic, using the skull, hot drilling, rivet process, create cool sense of luxury, at the same time, designers will be the spirit of adventure and garment experimental spirit combine to explore the possibilities of men's clothing. VOEVOE designers work philosophy: we should follow our own personal aesthetic and stick to our point of view.

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